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Here we have English, Japanese and Mandarin Short courses in Klang and Kuchai area. Including English online course and Japanese online course too.

English Course

English course for Adult and Kids

Japanese Course

Japanese course for teens and adults

Mandarin Course

Mandarin course for teens and adults

Online English Course

Online English course for Adult and Kids in Malaysia

Online Japanese Course

Online Japanese course in Malaysia

Why we are here...

Established in June 2003, Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya Klang (PBTJ) is an educational provider specializing in educating both international and local students. As an international company, PBTJ aims to acquire breadth and depth of skills and knowledge to create an integrated education group with a comprehensive suite of capabilities and services that will be able to compete globally and at the same time meet the demanding needs of the clients.


Why Learn a New Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

Once you can speak English, your travel opportunities won’t only become easier as you become more confident, but you will find you can travel more. And this in turn broadens the mind!

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Being able to speak a second language will also increase your employment options. A growing number of positions in many companies list second language abilities as a requirement. This is automatically eliminates the majority of people who are not bilingual and means that there is less competition for those key jobs.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Language and culture are intimately linked. Learning another language will introduce you to a new culture. Increase culture awareness provides for enriched interpersonal exchanges and experiences.

Become a Better Learner

Learning new language is  makes you a more conscious thinker and become a better learner. Once you have come across new words or structures, you have to remember and apply them, As a result of this exercise will strengthens your memory and increases creativity.

Business Travel & Communication

In many places where you will travel, people find English important for their businesses. They need to know English in order to communicate with potential clients and customers. As a result, its easier for customers to get what they need and spend their money. English will bridge the communication gap on your travels and make traveling a breeze.


Why Learn With Us?


Over 40,000 Graduates Nation Wide

English Language course with Certificate Starting from Beginner to Advance level.


Recognized Award

1. Keris award 2010
2. Malaysia Power Brand Award 2011
3. Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award
4. ISO 9001:2015


Established for Over 17 Years

With more than 15 branches in Whole Malaysia.


World Class Educators

With international teaching qualification specialize in English Language. Our full time teacher are dedicated to help you to improve your language in the shortest time.

Flexible Timetable

With your busy schedule, you can always choose another day for your class. No more fix day for your learning time.

Free 1 to 1 counsel

Students are always welcome to seek help from our centre and we even provide 1 to 1 counselling if they face any difficulty in learning.

Free Restudy

Support our weaker students with extra time to learn free of charge. if the student meet the requirement needed. So no worry we will help you to achieve your goals.


Our students will be awarded with Certificate once they pass each level of their English Courses.

Free Revision

Now you can attend the same lesson in the week if you are not clear as free revision. The teacher will repeat the same lesson again.

International Textbook

We are using one of the best international textbook in Malaysia and with the latest updated method of teaching.

Online Learning

Now everyone can learn English from home or anywhere, as long you have a phone or laptop. Nothing can stop you from learning.

Phonetic learning

Before learning how to read a word, you will need to understand how to make the sound of a word. Here we have a complete class of Phonetic.

Learn From Home

Now you can Learn English anywhere.

In this Global Pandemic or any crisis, is it always the best time to learn and improve yourself as you are your best assets to invest in. Don’t waste anymore time. Contact us today to change your tomorrow!



Currently I’m studying at PBTJ, Klang. When I was young, I thought English is not important so, I never paid attention in English classes in my school. Now, I realised that it is very important because I’m involved in stock investment where English is the main language. Hence, I have come to PBTJ to improve my English. I also want to speak English fluently to communicate with my management with full confidence. I totally believe that the teachers in PBTJ can help me to achieve my goal because all of them are professional in teaching.

Goh Kok Hau

level 4, working as Fishmonger

Before I joined the English classes in Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya, my English was really bad. I used to get confused about the grammar and how to use it properly but now, my English has improved and I can understand and use the grammar properly with confidence.

Tan Bao Ting

level 2

When I resigned from my previous job, I had a thought to improve my English. As nowadays most companies require English. Besides that taking a course for self-enhancement will add value to my resume. After I started my class here, I realized that English is a fun and interesting language. Most importantly, it’s not hard to learn. If I can do it so, can you.

Yoke Jen

level 3


Our address:

No. 147(B), 149(B), Jalan Susur Off Jalan Meru, Taman Meru,41050, Klang, Selangor

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Our address:

KA-2, Lot 2-10, Kuchai Avenue, No. 39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13, Off Jalan Kuchai, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur,

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