Our Japanese course serves as an introduction to Japanese language and culture for past 14 years in klang, and it is designed for students who have had little or no experience learning Japanese. The goal of this course is to develop four basic skills (i.e., speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in modern Japanese with an emphasis on grammatical accuracy and socially appropriate language use. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to carry on basic daily conversations such as self-introduction, inquiry of time, and explanation of travel plans, and to develop the ability to read and write hiragana as well as to read katakana and Kanji.


Online Class ( For MCO period)

During this MCO period, it has not stop us from the opportunity to learn n teach more student. In fact this will help everyone to save time n money on transport. you will never miss another lesson.


Minimum age requirment

12 to 60 years old, Most of our students are working adult n students.


Language needed

Teacher will be using English to teach.


Small group learning

Minimum 8 to 10 student per class


No Basic knowledge needed

You can start learning here even if you have zero knowledge of Japanese langauge.


Flexible payment

We have many different payment mode depend on your needs and courses.


Plan to go Japan to work & study

Now we have new opportunity for student age 19 to 30 to fly to Japan in Toyko to study and work. With scholarship of 600,000 yen paid for.

Japanese Course Available


JLPT N5 Level


JLPT N4 Level

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Japanese Class In Klang

Coming online Intake For N5 level (Weekend)

Will be starting on Dec 2020/Jan 2021*.

Closing for registration: 25/11/2020


Coming online Intake For N5 level (Weekday)

Will be starting around Feb 2021*.

Closing for registration: 15/1/2021



*Note that different class might have different start date need to check with our consultants.

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